O’Sullivan’s Flawless Victory in Budapest: A Crucial Catalyst in the Title Challenge

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A crucial catalyst in the title challenge of O’Sullivan’s flawless performance in the Budapest Grand Prix’s feature race ignited the world of motorsport. His victory served as a crucial catalyst for his championship bid in addition to serving as a testament to his skill on the track. Fans anxiously anticipated the forthcoming races and O’Sullivan’s likely course after the event’s thrilling events.O'Sullivan keeps feet on the ground after “unexpected” F3 pole - Formula Scout


A Flawless Performance on the Budapest Track

 Even the most skilled racers are known to be put to the test on Budapest’s complex and difficult course. However, O’Sullivan showed his mettle by giving a remarkable performance. Every lap was a demonstration of his unmatched driving prowess, accuracy, and tactical knowledge. He demonstrated unmatched expertise as he appeared to control the track, outrunning rivals. Click here to video: Racing 

Igniting the Title Challenge

This Budapest triumph was more than just another accomplishment for O’Sullivan. It was an important turning point in the current competition. The championship feature race, frequently seen as a litmus test for racers, served as a stage for O’Sullivan to not only compete but also declare his readiness for the title fight. His campaign for the season’s championship was reignited when his faultless performance echoed through the championship rankings.F2: Williams junior Sargeant makes history in Silverstone Feature Race | Formula 1®
Zak O’Sullivan dominated the 19 laps of racing at the Hungaroring from the green flag to the checkered flag. The Briton won his third race of the 2023 season by nailing the start and growing his lead lap by lap. This victory moved him up five positions into the Championship chase and into second place in the Standings.
To give PREMA Racing a 1-2 finish, Dino Beganovic ran his own race and finished comfortably in second. Franco Colapinto of MP Motorsport made the move in the first lap from fourth on the grid to finish third and complete the podium.F3: Colapinto disqualified, O'Sullivan takes the win


Without wasting any time, O’Sullivan took the lead and quickly covered his teammate Beganovic as they approached Turn 1. The Swedish man focused on his mirrors to fend off Leonardo Fornaroli.
Colapinto battled back to hold onto fourth place as Oliver Goethe attempted to swoop around the outside of him. Paul Aron forced his way past Jonny Edgar at Turn 3 after losing P6 off the line.Zak O'Sullivan: My Greatest Influences
Early on, Gabriel Bortoleto got caught in a DRS train, but on the sixth lap, he took advantage of the slipstream to quickly pass Jonny Edgar and move up to eighth.
Josep Mara Mart was trying to make up for a poor qualifying performance after starting from position 13 on the grid. On lap 8, the Spaniard passed Edgar and fellow Campos Racing colleague Christian Mansell to climb up into eighth place and into the points.
On Lap 9, Colapinto sent a move on the inside and forced Fornaroli to defend against teammate Trident driver Goethe in order to claim the final podium slot.
Goethe swooped around the outside at Turn 2 one lap later, and the #6 car finished the job. Fornaroli then fell further back behind Aron, moving into sixth place on Lap 12.How Williams junior O'Sullivan is gearing up for his Aston Martin F1 test
Rival championship contenders Mart and Bortoleto faced battle for eighth. At the first turn, the #23 Campos attempted to overtake the Brazilian, but a massive lock-up sent him sailing wide across the run-off. Later on in the lap, when he was finally able to pass, he quickly passed another Trident and stole the apex at Turn 2 to relieve Fornaroli of sixth.
At the conclusion of the points, Edgar started harassing Mansell. On lap 18, Mansell experienced a lock-up entering Turn 1, allowing the Briton to pass easily. His MP colleague Mari Boya took advantage of this to knock Mansell out of the top 10.
With only three circuits left, Bortoleto passed colleague Fornaroli for seventh place without having to put up much of a fight.
O’Sullivan had been dominating the race from the front, increasing his lead lap after lap to beat Beganovic by 2.3 seconds and tie the Formula 3 winning record with his third triumph of the year and fourth overall. Goethe came in fourth place, 6.8 seconds behind Colapinto.
Aron achieved back-to-back top-five placings, while Mart’s furious surge earned him sixth place ahead of Bortoleto. On the penultimate lap, Edgar passed Fornaroli for eighth place, while Boya completed the top 10 scorers.

Zak O’Sullivan, PREMA Racing, Key Phrase

It was a sort of race of management since tyre degradation had been quite severe all weekend. We’ve had a pretty strong speed as a team all weekend, so I opened up a space right away. Although the tyres started to come off towards the finish, it was still a great weekend for myself and the team, ending with a 1-2. awaiting my trip to the spa.


Gabriel Bortoleto has 144 points after his 13rd straight top-scoring performance, putting him on the verge of Championship gold. With a win, PREMA Racing driver Zak O’Sullivan moved up to being his closest competitor, moving one point ahead of Josep Mara Mart. Paul Aron is still in fourth place and is tied for it with Dino Beganovic on 94.
With a 15-point lead over the competition on 289, PREMA Racing has reclaimed the lead in the Teams’ Standings. Trident falls to second place on 274 while Hitech Pulse-Eight maintains third place on 154.


The 2023 Formula 3 field returns to action the next weekend as the Championship travels to Spa-Francorchamps for Round 9.


In the realm of motorsport, O’Sullivan’s perfect victory in Budapest’s main event has certainly made waves. His performance shown his ability to not only participate in the title contest but to also dominate it. Fans will be closely watching this up-and-coming star as she competes in the next races, hoping for more thrilling displays.



1. How did O’Sullivan perform in the feature race at Budapest?

  • O’Sullivan displayed his racing prowess and put up a faultless effort in the highlight race in Budapest.

2. What does O’Sullivan’s victory mean for the title challenge?

  • The victory has rekindled O’Sullivan’s quest for the championship crown. He is well-positioned for the forthcoming races thanks to his perfect performance in the main event.

3. What can we expect from the upcoming races in the championship?

  • Because of O’Sullivan’s outstanding showing in Budapest, the future races could be thrilling. O’Sullivan is currently seen as a strong contender, so it will be exciting to watch how the tournament plays out.



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